Choosing the Right Sunscreen for your skin

It is that time of year again! Sun safety is extremely important. Whether you like it or not, the sun is here to stay. It is present in the spring, the summer, the fall, and in the winter. People often think that sun safety only needs to be performed by people living on the coast or living in an environment where they are exposed to sun. The truth is that the harmful effects of exposure to UV radiation affect more than 3.5 million people all across the US each year.

Over 3.5 million cases of skin diseases are diagnosed annually. The environmental protection agency recommends these steps to be “sun-wise” to not burn, avoid suntanning and tanning beds, generously apply sunscreen, wear protective clothing, seek shade, use extra caution near water, snow and sand and check the UV index!

Get vitamin D safely, which is really important, as well as choosing clinically proven sun care products. has a wide range of dermatologist selected skin care sunscreen products that have been developed by companies whose main focus is sun protection. MDSolarSciences, Coola, EltaMD and ColoreScience, are some of the noblest companies in the dermatology industry.

We are very happy at to be able to provide the products of MDSolarSciences, Coola, EltaMD, and Colorescience. Whether you are going to the beach or going to a meeting, it is important that you engage in active daily sun protection. You have to be diligent, compliant and you have to be compulsive when it comes to sun care protection.

The sun is our worst enemy when it comes to wrinkles. The sun can take hydrated skin and dehydrate the skin. Sun protection, unfortunately, also wears off very quickly. People have to remember that it is not just the face that gets affected by the sun, it is also the back of hand or any area that is exposed to sun; so, keep that in mind that the skin is largest organ in the body. The skin protects the body, and you have to do your part to protect your skin.

Products that we recommend include ColoreScience Sunforgettable Sunscreen Powder Brush SPF 50, Coola Body Plumeria Classic Sunscreen SPF 30, EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46, and MD Solar Sciences Mineral Creme SPF 50.

MDSolarSciences was developed by Dr. Allan Friedman, a renowned scientist at NYU. MDSolarSciences has continued to expand their line to include more and more clinically effective products each year. One of the revolutionary products was Kids Creme, a staple loved by mothers and children alike.

EltaMD brings Swiss-American technology into full light. EltaMD has been featured on the cover of the USA Today magazine. EltaMD is worn by many celebrities. EltaMD feels good to the skin. It feels very simple, light and silky; this can be applied effortlessly.

Coola was developed by founder/CEO Chris Brichy who wants to spread the word about sun protection. He started this company in 2007 and his company has basically focused on certified organic extracts, antioxidants, and vitamins. Coola’s focus is on helping your skin’s natural immune system. Coola is a favorite amongst vegan customers as well as organic customers.

Products developed by Coola that have been revolutionary, including Coola Face Mineral Cucumber Sunscreen, Coola Body Plumeria Classic Sunscreen, Coola Spray Citrus Mimosa Sunscreen, and Coola Baby Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50. Products developed by EltaMD include EltaMD UV Aero SPF 45 Spray, EltaMD UV Sport SPF 50, EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46, and EltaMD UV Lotion SPF 30+. Products developed by MDSolar include MD Solar Sciences KidCreme SPF 43, MD Solar Sciences Mineral Lotion SPF 50, MD Solar Sciences Quick Dry Body Spray SPF 40, and MD Solar Sciences Ultra Mineral Screen Gel SPF 50+.

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